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Rodney Lozhechnikov I searched that album in good quality for a long f**king 3 years as minimum! Really awesome album, one of the best in its genre IMO.
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Limited to 500 vinyl copies
•100 ice blue with silver and black streaks
•400 black


released January 9, 2015

Written and performed by Alex Barnard, Dallas Niles, Billy Reid, Jamie Schnetzler, Daniel Weaver

Engineered by Matt Parton & Joel Lauver

Mixed and Mastered by Joel Lauver @ Burning Bridge Recordings



all rights reserved


Komarov Records Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Baikonur
April 23, 1967 – Remind the world of the achievements of the socialist system – Enter the celestial Soviet – Carry our burdens – The Union is his curse – The Union will become his grave – Five hundred forty seconds of escape – The shadow of the Soyuz will never be the same – He’ll never remove the stars from his chest
Track Name: For The Fatherland
Lonely Soviet satellite, your mission is clear – Rendezvous with your comrades – Deliver glory and honor – For the benefit of the fatherland – For the benefit of humanity – Great strides are taken – It never seems to be enough – Thrusters pollute his salvation – The Sun is stripped of its purpose – Whatever you do, focus on the horizon – Whatever you do, you must not fail
Track Name: Survival Condition
Re-enter the communication range – Confirm contact – His efforts are never rewarded – The state commission has bitten off more than it can chew – The patient Soyuz-2 will never leave the Earth – Preparation for landing must begin – Endless conversation prevents survival – Orbital daylight: Everything changes – Orbital nightfall: Everything changes
Track Name: The Failure-II Command
Your country is proud of you, Komarov – No response is required – Only flesh and blood – Retrofire attempt failed – Ballistic approach eminent – Twenty-four hours of failure – Nineteen revolutions of heartache – Stardust returns to stardust – Join the black fleet – Vessels of steel and fire, they are also forged with blood
Track Name: East of Orsk
The instructions have been relayed – Begin the re-entry sequence – A return without regret – A descent from outer space – Inherit risks plague exploration – Curse the great creators – Celebrate the lone dissenter – His thoughts return home while he never will